Monday, February 04, 2008

Positive Changes

An exciting new series!Where I report on small positive changes I'm making to live better, be healthier and happier.

- I started wearing my glasses (almost) all the time. My perscription isn't very strong but it's amazing how much more clear and crisp everything is with them on. Plus, I think they look really good with my new haircut.

- Straightening up the kitchen daily. It's so much easier to deal with just a few minutes every day than having a humongous disaster that I have to chip away at for the better part of a weekend day.

- Cooking a lot and freezing it for multiple weeks worth of lunches. VEST has sparked an interest in cooking, and these days I want to be in the kitchen much more than I used to be, but it's good to be stocked up for weeks where I may not test something, or if what I test doesn't turn out.

- Cutting way down on the plastic and being mindful of the packaging that we bring into the house. A friend reminded me recently about all of the garbage that floats around in the ocean and converges into these massive floating garbage dumps the size of a state (I forget which one). This thought and it's impact on wildlife as well as the rest of our environment really pisses me off and makes me sad. So I finally have one of those reusable shopping bags which I am using for my groceries and also to bring stuff to and from work in. It's a small step.

- Running every day (except Saturdays). I'm working on a training schedule from runner's world to prepare for a 10k in April which will segue into training for the Utica Boilermaker (9 miler) this July. On days that aren't scheduled running days I'm making myself get out there and run even a short distance.