Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment and I know I'll have to step on the scale. At that realization, the past two months of waffling around not being able to stick to the diet came crashing down in an avalanche of self loathing. I really have to work more on my self control and committment to being healthier and sticking to this way of living and eating.

The only thing that I've kept up with has been running, but even with that I've allowed myself to skip runs all to easily.I've just felt burnt out about spending so much time cooking and preparing food each weekend, I haven't felt like I have anything worth writing about lately either. I've just felt sick of trying and just want to go with the flow.

BUT... I don't want to go back to feeling horrible all the time and bad about myself. I want to be happy and feel good. I want to stop feeling so lazy and be full of energy and I want to know that I am putting 100% into achieving my goals.

So it's time for a challenge. A challenge that will get my confidence back and my spirits up that I can meet. There are 10 days from tomorrow to the day before Thanksgiving. I will eat perfect ETL (with the exception of the 1/2 oz of bleu cheese on my dinner salads) for those 10 days and will make all of my planned runs (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and will walk Cammie (or use the treadmill) and do Yourself!Fitness on the non-running days. Hubby will keep me accountable and as a penalty for not completing the challenge I will have to drive his winter beater to work for a week and not my beloved Mini.

I feel better about myself already.