Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the running update

My next race is/was supposed to be a 4miler on October 13th. I don't think that I am going to end up running in that race this year (even though I'd like to) for a number of reasons. It's ok though, I am going to see if there is another 5k I can do in October. I will also keep on training for the 4.4 mile Turkey Trot since Hubby is working on Thanksgiving and my parents and Grandpa will be golfing in Arizona - it'll be a decent way to spend at least part of the day.

Last week Rochelle (my awesome coach) had me start doing speedwork (running sprints). It is actually really fun for the first few sprints - you get to just run as fast as you can and fly over the terrain... and then your legs start feeling it and that's awesome too because you know you've gotten a really great workout.

Sundays are my long run, this past week I drove to a park that isn't too far from where we live and ran across a pedestrian bridge that goes over a river gorge and up into the park I was running in earlier this summer. It was an awesome run, firstly because there were some decent hills that used to kick my butt but this time I kept going and also because for the entire 45 minute run I only stopped to walk for about 90 seconds... and I don't think I even really needed to do that.

I'm impressing myself with how my stamina has improved since I've started running; but it just makes me want to be able to run faster and for more miles. I know that with time it will happen :-)