Monday, August 13, 2007


Exercise: Walk with Cammie, 30 min Upper Body Workout (Yourself!Fitness)
Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Springtime Soup with lentils
Dinner: Salad (romaine, red onion, walnuts, blue cheese, balsamic) vegetarian sloppy joes
Fuhrmometer: 8 - eggplant 6 - blueberry

Busy busy weekend! I'm sad to say that Saturday didn't go very well food wise. Poor planning on my part. But we finished the flooring in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Just a little more to do to finish up the project. I'm very happy with the way that it came out.

Sunday was a much better day, I had a 40 minute run and was pretty happy with the distance I covered. I'm more excited than ever about the race in September (3 weeks from Saturday)! My food was kind of off yesterday as I just wasn't hungry for much of the day so my calories came from sparkling grape juice, salad, and Easy Mac... well I guess yesterday wasn't too good either.

I did do some good planning and preparing of food yesterday so this week I don't have any excuse not to eat well all week.

Edit: Well I am a big hypocrite. I posted my entry before dinner and then decided I wanted to try the vegetarian sloppy joe stuff we picked up the otehr day (I knew it was a bad idea at the time). Tomorrow I start from day one again.