Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Five is the new One

Breakfast: Smoothie, some of those small fruit flavored tootsie rolls
Lunch: Springtime Soup with lentils
Exercise: 45 min run with Cammie
Dinner: Salad (romaine, red onion, walnuts, balsamic, blue cheese)
Fuhrmometer: 9 - broccoli

Well this morning I was Debby Downer, I was in a crappy mood and it was no fun at all. I got up and got dressed to go for a run before work, but all I ended up doing was walking Cammie up to the corner and back and then I got back into bed for another hour.

But some time this afternoon I snapped out of it. I don't know when and I don't know why but I felt better. Woo Hoo! I came home and Cammie and I went for a tough but rewarding run.

Food today was much better than yesterday too. Except for the tootsie rolls I stuck to my plan and enjoyed it. I feel much better about today and like I am breaking out of my rut. I am especially proud of myself for coming home and going for a run. Go me!