Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exercise: short walk with Cammie
Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: tiny bag of croutons (?)
Dinner: roasted veggies with basil and pine nuts with reduced balsamic and tortillas
Fuhrmometer: 7.5 - lentil/eggplant

Well today was much better than yesterday detox - wise; so that's good. I didn't realize it but sometime in the last few days I changed my alarm clock from the beep to the radio - and it's not actually radio but static. With the fans/ac on, I can't hear the static and have slept later than planned the past few days which has made it impossible for me to get my workout in before work.

But still, I'm trying and I'm not letting little things like not getting my usual workouts in throw me off course. I have been making an effort to eat better and will continue to eat better and better and I will also get my workouts in when I can.

I don't have to be perfect every day, but I do have to do my best every day.