Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't eat cookies for breakfast

because you'll be sorry later! I have no idea why I did it, but I know that I never will again. I had 2 chocolate chip cookies this morning before going to work and I knew it was a mistake pretty much immediately. I made my smoothie and got a muffin and took salad stuff for lunch to work with me but I just felt horrible. I finished only about half my smoothie and wasn't even hungry for lunch. The good part is that I have no desire to have any more of those cookies. ever. again.

Running stuff: I ran outside yesterday morning! I ran about 1/3 of my usual walk with Cammie which is I'm guessing around 1/2 mile or maybe a little more. I'll have to check it with the car or something to see. I think our route is about 1.5 miles total. I'm glad I did it because I'm not nervous about running outside anymore.

Also - I picked out 2 more races: a 4 miler in October and a 5k trail run in November. A fellow member on Dr.F's member center is helping me train for the first 5k, I'm very excited.

And my third unrelated (sort of) thing that I wanted to tell you all. I feel like I had a breakthrough today. Friday I'm supposed to be to work by 8:30ish, which is earlier than the rest of the week for me. So this morning I was tired from being out running around (practicing driving my car etc) last night and didn't get up to walk Cammie and then the whole cookie thing... So that all manifested in me being a complete zombie all day. I felt like I was going to fall asleep in my office chair and wanted to come home to take a nap (which I never do anymore). But when I was on my way home I realized that I didn't want to take a nap and I'd actually feel a lot better if I took Cammie for a walk, so I did, and by the time we got home I felt awesome. I think that for me this is a key to being a thinner healthier person - realizing how great being active makes me feel physically AND preferring to do it over just loafing around. :-)