Wednesday, June 27, 2007

more on running

Exercise: AM walk with Cammie, 30 min Yourself!Fitness Cardio workout
Breakfast: Smoothie, Blueberry Almond Muffin
Lunch: Cabbage Tofu Veggie wraps
Exercise: 10 minutes on the Treadmill
Dinner: Spinach Artichoke Twist
Fuhrmometer: 8 - Eggplant

Well we picked a 5k to run in this morning - the Purple Foot 5k. It's on September 8th and is part of the grape stomping festival at the vineyard in my hometown where hubby and I got married. It seems like it's meant to be! It also means that I have 10 weeks from Saturday in which to train.

And I am going to need those 10 weeks! I got on the treadmill when I got home from work today to see what I could do. I had been telling myself that I could run the entire 3.1 miles right now and that was all there was to it. WOAH was I in for a rude awakening! I got off the TM telling myself that maybe the Couch to 5k plan was the better way to go.

BUT I want more time than just one or two weeks running the 5k distance before the actual 5k. I could start at week 3 on the Couch to 5k and go from there, and I might do that but I still have to work out how I'll measure time or distance when I'm running outside.

Which brings me to my other hangup - RUNNING OUTSIDE. I know I just have to get over worrying about what other people think of me and just do it but I'm still feeling apprehensive about it. I know the only way to get over it is just to get out there and do it and not worry about other people so much, because after all; I'm doing this for myself and not other people.

I'm still feeling excited about this, just realizing that I am not Super Athlete (just yet).