Tuesday, February 27, 2007

temptation, frustration, elation

Breakfast: Standard Smoothie (spinach, blueberries, banana, strawberries, flax)
Lunch: 1/2 bowl Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup
Dinner: Macaroni & Cheese
Exercise: 30 min Yourself!Fitness, 30 min treadmill
Fuhrmometer: blueberry/lentil

Exercise: 30 min Yourself!Fitness, 30 min treadmill
Breakfast: Standard Smoothie
Lunch: apple
Dinner: salad (romaine, "refried" beans), 1/2 whole wheat pita
Fuhrmometer: KALE!

Yesterday was a day of temptation; and today was a day of frustration.

This week we are having student appreciation at campus (work). We are giving all the classes some nice water bottles with the college name on it as well as some fruit and pastries and a little bit of candy. Somehow I became the person to put all of the food together and deliver it to the classes, which I have no problem with - except for the part where I have to stare down mini cream puffs and mini eclairs.

A few times yesterday I almost talked myself into giving in; but I didn't. The good ETLer in me told me I didn't need that junk and that I would just feel bad about myself if I ate it. I'm happy that I listened!

However that was not to last. Last week hubby was under the weather and couldn't eat too much. I told him that I would make him macaroni and cheese. Well this week he's better; but I kept my promise. I had planned on eating salad for dinner and not the mac & cheese - but it reeled me in. I felt so guilty after eating it and really regretted it.

Today was tough, I was still beating myself up over last night's dinner and then at lunch time I was seriously craving a wrap from the Natural Foods Store (not ETL). But I'm elated to say that I stuck with the plan today for lunch and dinner and had my first Kale day in a while. It makes me feel so good and gives me a boost of motivation that I really needed. I know that I can make tomorrow another Kale day.

It's definitely not always easy to eat right and do the things I need to do to be healthy and lose weight, but it is easier when you're mindful of how good it feels to be doing all the right things.