Friday, February 23, 2007


Breakfast: Smoothie (romaine, flax, blueberries, banana, water)
Lunch: skipped
Dinner: TBD at a restaurant
Exercise: skipping, but planning on a super extra special double workout tomorrow

In about 2.5 weeks hubby and I are going on vacation. When we are on vacation we have plans to go to a theme park. At said theme park there will be roller coasters. I haven't ridden in a roller coaster since probably freshman year of high school. At some point when I was in high school I got too fat for roller coasters and have avoided them since then, and theme parks all together. It's not fun.

I know that even right now I am not as large as I was when I was a senior in high school. The only reason that I know this is that I tried on my prom dress a few months ago and it was huge on me. That's a good thing. But I'm still a little bit leery if I am thin enough to be able to fit into roller coasters. I want to be able to, but I am nervous about it.

Generally, I "fit" into things much better now than I used to. I can remember going to the movies and not being comfortable in the seats because of my size. We recently went to the movies with some friends and I was pleased to find that the seats are much more comfortable now and that there is (a small amount) of extra space. Hubby used to always wonder why it would take me so long to get in/out of the car - well now I beat him out of the car all the time. My office chair is much more comfortable than it used to be too. I can fit in my Gap pants now and am *this* close to being satisfied enough with the way they look on me to wear them to work.

There's no doubt that I am now a size that is much closer to normal that I used to be. But is it going to be enough? I really hope so. The only thing I can do at this point is spend the next few weeks eating as well as I can and doing the best I can with my workouts.

The only way I will know if I'm roller-coaster appropriate (lol) will be to try it out. I have been able to achieve a lot that I didn't think I could do - running is a great example - so there's no reason not to try. In the event that it doesn't work out; it'll just be added incentive to keep going. Not like I really need added incentive, but it's nice to have around.