Saturday, November 25, 2006

'tis the season (of temptation)

This week turned out pretty bad for me. I really need to work on willpower especially because December is a month that revolves around food as much as it does shopping and gift-giving. In the next month I will have hubby's birthday, at least two and possibly 3 work related functions, as well as Christmas. That's a lot of opportunities to go astray, and this week and my time in Boston have shown me that I give up on the week all too easily and just say that I'll be back on the horse the following week. I don't want to do that.

I wrote a few weeks ago about wanting to really live the "food is for nutrition" mantra. It's not for lack of believeing in it because I do, very much. It is a hard thing to do to change the way one associates with food, for so long I have been conditioned to link food with socializing, comfort, celebration etc. It's very hard to erase those things and remember when you are facing your (old) favorite foods or are mentally and physically stressed out and exhausted. I am going to have to think about some way to actively change the way I associate with food so that I can stop falling off the wagon so completely that I have to run behind it for a week to catch back up.

So my goal for the holidays will be to approach things with the understanding that it is ok to have an off plan meal once in a while as long as it is at least partially sensible and that I won't let one meal turn into one day turn into a whole week. I also will think of ways daily to really start working FOOD IS FOR NUTRITION into my thinking.

I'm glad I'm realizing these things now instead of at the end of December. I think that as long as I keep these goals in mind I can have a successful month.