Sunday, November 12, 2006

climbing back up...

Well I was supposed to be back on plan today. It didn't so much happen. I feel bad about it and I feel bad about myself right now. I did throw away some stuff in the house that was tempting me so hopefully that will help. I will be much better tomorrow.

No weigh-in today. I've decided not to weigh myself this week and give myself a week of better behavior to counteract the damage I did last week I may be even able to get down a pound or two from where I was before I went to Boston. I'm not holding my breath about it but it would be nice.

I was watching this week's Biggest Loser and realized how much I want to lose the weight again. It seems like there are so many people (on the tv show and also out in the blogosphere) that are close to breaking out of the 200's into Onederland. I want to be at that point too. I really really do. SO badly. I know that I can make it there and like I said the other day I no longer feel the need to make it there right away but I would like to feel that I am making steady progress toward it again, and I don't feel like that as of late.

Why did the first 50 pounds feel so easy? I guess they didn't feel that easy when I was losing them but in retrospect they felt like they just slid off and here I am wallowing around trying to get to -75. I don't know what is different now but I wish I could get some of that resolve back. Well it's something I'll have to work on.