Friday, October 06, 2006

this is not a commercial (i swear)

breakfast: smoothie
lunch: romaine with blood orange vinegar, a couple sourdough pretzels
dinner: Dr. Fuhrman's Anti-Cancer Soup with broccoli raab; apple

exercise: 30 min with Maya (upper body), 30 min treadmill, 7.5 min bike

Fuhrmometer reading: eggplant

Remember how one of my October goals was to incorporate weight training into my workouts? Well I've got a way to do it that I know I can stick with. It's as simple as playing the Xbox.

When I read about Yourself! Fitness over on Bust My Size I thought it sounded like a great idea; a virtual personal trainer that would work you out based on your personal fitness profile and stats. I told hubby about it and he had an opportunity to buy a used Xbox relatively cheap so we got the "game" (it's also available for PlayStation and on the PC as well... as long as you can work out in front of your computer).

This thing is pretty cool! You create a profile by entering a bunch of your stats: resting heart rate; 65% max heartrate, lower body, core, and upper body strength as well as flexibility and Maya (the virtual personal trainer) suggests your workout goals etc. You set up which days you want to work out and for how long and you're off. Each day you workout Maya will suggest a workout focus (today mine was upper body) and ask you how you're feeling. She then taylors your workout to how you're doing. It's really cool.

Yourself! Fitness also has the option to use menu plans as part of the fitness program. I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't conform to ETL so I skipped this part. For someone who is looking for an all-in-one fitness and weight loss program it is a great feature.

I'm going to use the program 6x per week for 30 min and also use the treadmill or the bike to round out my workouts. I had tried doing weight training on my own but it just wasn't working for me. With this I've got something that I can stick to; don't have to think about which exercises I'm going to do and don't have to count reps!