Sunday, October 08, 2006

week 17

breakfast: smoothie
lunch: small handful of cashews
dinner: vegan burrito

exercise: 45 min w/ Maya, 30 min bike, 4 hours landscaping (it's tough work!)

Fuhrmometer Reading: eggplant

EEW! I didn't lose anything this week! Actually I am relieved; because I really thought I was going to gain this week. I had more than a few days where I had something off plan and a few days where I kind of slacked on my workouts and had 2 days where I didn't work out at all. I deserved this weigh in. I am happy that I didn't gain because it just sucks to have to lose the same pounds over and over again.

I know I have to stop cheating. But saying that is harder than doing it! Hubby came up with a great motivational tool for me that I think will help me get the ball rolling again. He is going to pay me $10 toward new clothes for every pound I lose between now and the end of the year... if I really get rolling again that could be a decent haul! What makes it even more exciting is that for every pound HE loses he gets to subtract that from my total and if he gains then I get an additional $10 for each pound he gains. It really is a brilliant idea because it gives us both great motivation to really work hard and get fit.

So I spent this beautiful fall afternoon slaving away working on the landscaping in the front of my house. WOW that was tough work. I had 3 evergreen shrubs that I dug up from the front and moved to the side of the garage. It was so tough... I even broke a shovel... snapped the handle in half! By the time I was done I was delirious and really really dirty... but talk about a full body workout, I could feel my legs and my abs and my arms all getting a really good workout and I was working fast enough that my heart got some excellent exercise as well. Hmm... I wonder how many calories I burned today.

I have tomorrow off from work and am planning on making Spicy Red Lentil Soup, I'm making some veggie stock in the crock pot right now. I'll post the recipes and pics tomorrow.