Monday, October 23, 2006

goin good...

Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: romaine with creamy ETL dressing
Dinner: Dr.F's Famous Anti Cancer Soup with broccoli raab

Exercise: AM- walk with Cammie (about 30 min), PM- 30 min with Maya, 30 min treadmill

Fuhrmometer Reading: Kale :-D

Wow... I really don't have too much to say today. Things are going very well for me right now. I'm on my game with food and exercise and there's nothing more that I can ask for! Cammie is helping me get in some extra exercise and also getting up early in the morning, it's really great. It just hit me this afternoon that I can probably get in my entire workout in the morning before work now, which is something that I've wished I could do but before it was just so easy to stay in bed. Now I can get so much more done with my day, Cammie really has been a great addition to our lives.