Tuesday, October 03, 2006

bye bye, tweed pants

Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: HFS wrap
Dinner: Dr. F's Anti-Cancer Soup with broccoli raab; apple

Exercise: 30 bike, 15 treadmill

Puhrmometer: lentil

So this morning I decided that I was going to wear this fabulous pair of brown tweed pants that I have. It's October; and although it ended up being beautiful this afternoon (72 degrees!) I think it is now appropo to wear tweed, especially brown tweed.

I grabbed the pants, thinking that they would fit beautifully now since they were a bit too tight the last time I wore them (maybe in March?) not even remembering what size they were. Well they were WAY too big! This made me happy and sad at the same time as I was looking forward to wearing them; but am extatic that I can't wear them because they're too big on me.

Dressing yourself while you're losing weight is an interesting thing. It's great when your clothes first fit you better and you grab stuff out of the skinny closet. But there will come a time when the stuff that was once in the skinny closet is too big and you have to start buying new clothes. What then? Do you buy just a few pieces to get you to work looking decent or what? Do you buy them from the nice stores or do you go to the Old Navy's and other like stores of the world since you know you're not going to be wearing a particular size for long? Oh the dilemmas! ;-)