Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie (with spinach!)
Lunch: romaine, Green Velour, sunflower seeds
Dinner: veggie burger with lettuce and tomato on a whole grain role, a few french fries w/ ketchup

Exercise: rest day

Getting back on track is much harder than I thought it would be! Except for the other night when I had a headache and couldn't sleep I don't think I'm really having serious detox symptoms or anything... but at the same time I haven't had a perfect ETL day all week. I think that beginning this Saturday I am going to start a new six week challenge and not allow myself any cheating until my anniversary, which is actually five weeks away, but if I had said five week challenge it just wouldn't have been the same...

What is the six week challenge/plan? Here's the breakdown (as posted on FatFreeVegan):

Eat to Live 6-Week Plan

UNLIMITED (eat as much as you want):
all raw vegetables, including raw carrots (goal: 1 lb. daily)
cooked green vegetables (goal 1 lb. daily)
beans, legumes, bean sprouts, or *tofu (minimum 1 cup daily in total of these)
fresh fruit (at least 4 daily).
eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomato and other non-starchy vegetables, cooked and raw (unlimited)
*Beans should be eaten daily; tofu should be eaten less frequently.

LIMITED (not more than one serving):
cooked starchy vegetables OR whole grains--Maximum 1 cup per day (butternut or acorn squash, corn, sweet potato, brown rice, cooked carrots, whole grain breads*, whole grain cereals*)
raw nuts and seeds (1 oz. or 28.5 grams a day) or 2 ounces avocado
ground flaxseed (1 tablespoon a day)
soymilk, low-sugar preferred--Maximum 1 cup a day*avoid breads and cereals as much as possible

dairy products
animal products
between meal snacks
fruit juice, dried fruits
salt, sugar

There you have it; the last time (well it was the first time too) I tried to stick to the plan I lost about 25 pounds in 5 weeks and my workouts weren't as strenuous or lengthy as they are now; so I think that I can do it. Also, last time I made it about 2 weeks before giving in and going off plan; this time my goal is to stay completely on plan the whole time. Hopefully it will stick :-)