Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the pithy yet amusing title - of a sandwich

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: romaine with Pomegranate Balsamic
Dinner: nuked potato, blended greens soup

Exercise: 30 min bike, 30 min treadmill

My local health food store (HFS) is really cool. I don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's but what I do have is a local natural foods store that has commercials with people dressed up like the fruit of the loom people and a cute little doggy. The prepared food that they sell in their deli section comes with funny little titles on them that are always changing. One week my favorite wrap will be called "Mr. Bigglesworth Sets Off for Nova Scotia" and the next week it will be called "Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines"... you just never know and it adds some entertainment to your meal. A very cool HFS.

The bad thing? I have become obsessed with these wraps. They are so good and the HFS is so close to work that I actually found myself wishing the other day that I could get lunch there every day. I think about the wraps every day when I start getting hungry for lunch and don't want to eat my salad. Luckily, I've managed to restrict myself to only going once a week but I know it's not good for me. The excess sodium in the wraps has been known to give me headaches... Yet I still go back for more! Why do I do this? As I said the other day, I've become very accustomed to NOT having headaches anymore. I've got to break this addiction...

So what did I do? I made a pledge to myself (backed up by hubby) that I will only go to the HFS to buy food that I need to make recipes that I can't buy at the regular grocery store or at BJ's and when I do I will give hubby the receipt to show exactly what I bought. What are the consequences if I break my promise? I will eat a piece of hubby's steak. This is a very strong motivating factor for me because I'd rather get hit by a train rather than eat a piece of steak. YUCK.

Maybe every once in a while I can indulge in this as a treat... but definitely not for a long time until I've done something to earn it.

Has anyone else out there developed any new or different food obsessions since starting a trek to health, fitness and weight loss? How do you deal with these obsessions?