Monday, August 14, 2006

day 65: ouch...

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: pita (falafel, tomato, lettuce, spinach)
Dinner: portobello / zucchini stuff

Exercise: 45 min treadmill, 15 min legs

I'm not a good sleeper. It's tough for me to fall asleep most nights and really tough for me to wake up in the morning. So after not feeling particularly stellar all day yesterday and then having a rough night of sleep last night, wake-up time was rough enough without work calling...

Yeah, I was supposed to be there an hour earlier than usual this morning.

I had set up an appointment myself with a student to come in to take an exam. The problem was that after being away from the office since last Thursday morning I completely forgot about it. I felt so bad! Luckily my boss is amazing and didn't get mad at me at all; I told her where the exam was and said that I'd be there as soon as I could and I did... sheepishly getting there 40 minutes late.

I got through the morning ok enough, I feel like I'm drowning in work and just can't get back on top of things. I know that I need to get caught up (at least) this week and next so that I don't lose my mind when I get back from vacation.

I had a lunch date with a friend at 1:30 this afternoon; and just as we were finishing lunch the receptionist called me. "Um, Nicole... are you on your way back? Katina is here for her appointment with you." Oh crap! I forgot TWO appointments in one day!? How could I do that? What's wrong with me?

For some supremely lucky reason; I didn't get into any trouble at all. The worst part was my shame in myself. Talk about a case of the Monday's!