Sunday, August 06, 2006

day 57: shoulda, coulda, woulda

Today's Food:
Breakfast: chili
Dinner: I don't know yet... smoothie maybe?

Exercise: 60 min treadmill, 15 min abs

So I lost a pound. It's alright. I deserve it the way I ate last week. The lesson learned? Funnel cake isn't all it's cracked up to be and always ask how something is cooked at a restaraunt you've never been to before.

Today I made Sinbad's Lentil Soup/Stew and Garlicky Spinach Soup. The lentil soup is my best approximation of a lentil soup that is made at my favorite mediterranean restaurant here. It is basically lentils, potato, escarole, lemon, garlic and onion. It came out very well but I didn't pay enough attention to what I put in to be able to post the recipe, but next time I make it I will pay attention!

The Garlicky Spinach soup is out of this month's issue of Vegetarian Times, I checked on their website to be able to link to the recipe but it doesn't look like it's posted yet. It did come out pretty well and was very easy to make. I left out the oil and the salt, and didn't have any lemon juice to put in. My advice would be to double the recipe as I think the serving size is too small if you're having it for a meal.