Sunday, August 06, 2006

day 56: saturday

Saturday's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie

Lunch: 2 Ezekiel wraps with romaine, red onion, and dijon mustard
Dinner: salad, portobello mushroom & artichokes

Exercise: 60 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes legs

Dinner looks good in theory, but we met my mom & dad out to dinner at this nice place where we sat right on the lake, at sunset, and then got to see fireworks in the distance. It was very nice.

The food? Well the salad was ok. I got some ranch dressing on the side and just dipped my fork into the dressing and then speared some veggies. It was a huge salad and I think I only ate about 1 tablespoon of the dressing. I did have a little bit of bread too. The mushrooms and artichokes looked healthy on the menu (all it said was "portobello saute with artichokes and red peppers") but when it got to me it was pretty much swimming in oil. I ate it anyway, doing my best to let as much of the oil drip off as possible. I'm not sure exactly how they cooked it but it was pretty good. It's something I think I'll try to ETL-ize at home.

I knew I had two days of not so good eating... I was prepared to be happy if I only broke even for the past week.