Friday, July 21, 2006

day 41: just another day

Today's Food:
Breakfast: Green Soup
Lunch: romaine, red onion, ETL Caesar dressing
Dinner: hummus on a wrap, smoothie

Exercise: 36 min on the treadmill

I guess it's a good sign that you're settling into something when it's "just another day" nothing especially dramatic or noticeable happens. Things are just business as usual.

Smoothies used to be my ETL crutch. They were the one thing in the beginning that I really liked and looked forward to. I've since grown accustomed to huge salads for lunch and have found some great recipes for beans and cooked veggies. I've established a routine and things are becoming normal. It's too bad that normal is boring in terms of blogging.

I suppose that is part of the reason that Dr. F challenges ETL neophytes to the 6 week challenge. It not only gives your body time to adjust to a different way of eating, it also gives you a sample of the results of Eating to Live so you can see that it really does work as a weight loss tool (if that is your goal). But another implicit reason for the six weeks is that it really does give you time to establish new habits and routines; so that at the end of six weeks you see just how manageable it is as a lifestyle. The key is making it through those first six weeks.

ANYway, this weekend I plan to make chili to satisfy my beans and my cooked veggies for the upcoming week. I'm going to slightly modify the "recipe" I made before starting ETL. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be sure to post pics and recipes and all.