Saturday, July 22, 2006

day 42: Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday...

Today's Food:
Breakfast/Lunch: veggie burger with lettuce & tomato on a dry roll (white), 6.5 french fries
Pre-Workout Pick-Me Up: ~1 cup of pineapple
Dinner: handful of cashews, green soup
Dessert: a bite of hubby's PB&J

Exercise: 51 minutes on the treadmill

So today started off with the death of a hair dryer... it must have passed quietly in its sleep because it worked the last time I used it but this morning it just wouldn't turn on. It was a rainy and gray day here in western NY so we decided to go to the mall.

I got my new hairdryer and we got hubby a new wallet. I had negotiated the veggie burger and few fries for a promise of exercising for an hour (hubby reminds me: and a 5 minute back rub for him) before we went to the mall, so we went to get lunch. I was hoping they'd have wheat rolls but they didn't so I settled for the white roll. I refrained from mayo on the sandwich and did get lettuce and tomato; although it was just a teeny tiny bit of lettuce and 1 slice of tomato, i was hoping for more... oh well. The few fries I had were enough to satisfy me but not so many that it ravaged my tummy later. For an off plan meal I think I did a decent job.

We did a lot of walking around the mall, including hubby's guilty pleasure... Bed, Bath & Beyond. We didn't get anything there but he likes to look. It reminded me of the Old School quote from Will Ferrell. Too funny! We just ended up getting a few odds and ends; nothing especially special...

We went to our new favorite place for groceries (well at least veggies), the farmer's market. It's sad to admit we never really went to them before I began ETLing but now it's a lot of fun to go and fill up a basket with veggies and then pay what seems to be a ridiculously low amount of money for them! We just need to find one closer to our house instead of the one we've gone to which is 20 or so minutes away.

So all in all a pretty nice little Saturday ;-)