Thursday, July 20, 2006

day 40: thank goodness for cashews

Today's Food:
Lunch: smoothie
Dinner: 1 oz raw cashews, green soup, hummus on whole grain wrap

Exercise: 36 min on the treadmill

I was dangerously close to having a Boca Italian Sausage for dinner instead of my ETL food. I was all thrown off today because I had a meeting with a student first thing when I got into work this morning which lasted a good hour and a half and then I was in a co-worker's office for another hour plus so I didn't get to sit down to drink my smoothie until well after 1 pm... So I decided not to eat anything else (mostly because I wasn't hungry) at work.

WELL... by the time I got home and worked out and all I was SO HUNGRY! I really did want that Boca Italian Sausage and I am trying to be as perfect as possible this week since it IS week 6 (have I mentioned that already?) and not have any salt or other major departures from the plan. Then I remembered that I have some raw cashews, and I hadn't had my nuts/seeds portion for the day. So I measured out my 1 oz of nuts and they really hit the spot and took the edge off. Thank you cashews!