Tuesday, July 18, 2006

day 38: purple + green = not pretty

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: romaine, red onion, caesar dressing
Dinner: green soup, raw baby carrots

Exercise: rest day (unless standing up & teaching counts... i bet it doesn't)

Randomness that I'd like to share...

I like to post after I've had dinner and am done eating for the day because then I can post exactly what I ate. It always seems like when I post ahead of time that I end up having to edit my post to reflect reality... oh well, life can't always accommodate blogging!

Today I went to lunch with a co-worker, my boss, and my boss' boss. My boss' boss works at a different campus that is about an hour from us; so when she comes we usually go out to lunch with her. So today we went to lunch at 11:45... am... I was just finishing my breakfast before we left. I thought maybe I'd get a little side salad but when we got there I was too full from breakfast to even think about eating; which is a great thing because nothing on the menu really looked appetizing to me. Hopefully nobody else felt bad about me not eating because I didn't have a problem just sitting there talking with them and enjoying not being in my office!

Today I'm wearing a suit. I usually dress nice for work but I only wear suits when I am teaching or giving an orientation to a new group of students. This is partially because suits are expensive and I only have 3 of them and also partially because before; my suits were uncomfortable to wear. Well this morning I knew it was a whole new story as I pulled on my pants and they were a cinch to zip up and button. The jacket is actually baggy on me! What a great feeling!

I have 2 Nalgene bottles that I bring to work with me each day, one with my smoothie in it and one for water. Smoothie Nalgene is purple and water Nalgene is red. This is great because my smoothies are also a purpleish hue, so purple + purple = all good. BUT when you wash out said purple nalgene and put bright green soup in it... it's just not all that pretty looking. I wonder how it would have looked in the red one... or maybe I need to get a green Nalgene... lol.

Progress pics... we took them for the -25 lbs mark but they just aren't all that attractive. For various reasons. I should have initially picked a nicer outfit to wear for the "before" pic rather than what I did but you can't go back in time! Needless to say, I'm going to pass on posting the -25 lbs pic (maybe we will try again this weekend for the completion of the first 6 weeks). The differences we did see are in my face, which is a good place to see a difference! I am definitely feeling the differences in the fit of my pants and my ability to exercise harder and longer and feel better about it.

Ok, gotta go teach in a few. Have a great night all!