Monday, July 17, 2006

day 37: did i mention that this is week 6?

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: romaine with Casinera's Caesar Salad Dressing
Dinner: Bree's Green Soup, raw baby carrots, hummus

Exercise: 40 minutes on the treadmill

So I kind of got the images in there for yesterday. I think that there is some sort of bugginess with blogger because I tried uploading pics the "normal" way on another computer and it still didn't work... but when I uploaded this pic it did. Hmmm.

My proudest accomplishment of the day was sticking with my workout even though I have a blister on one heel. I suppose it goes with the territory of breaking in the new sneakers (and am I ever glad I kept the old ones around too)!

I had Bree's Green Soup for dinner tonight; it was excellent! I had a few small tastes yesterday as I made it but nothing really to allow me to form an opinion. I did add some garlic and fresh basil and some other spices to it, and I think it was great. I blended everything (as you can see in the pics) and it has the consistency of a thick and hearty tomato soup. Very good and satisfying even on this sweltering day.

Tomorrow night I start teaching a 3 week intro course for a group of (mostly) first-time adult college students. I'll work my normal day and then teach from 6 to 10. Long day! I've already budgeted tomorrow as a rest day as far as working out and will have the green soup on our break I think... I'll post when I get home tomorrow night and we'll see how things turn out!