Sunday, July 16, 2006

day 36: week 5 results & HELLO week 6!

Today's Food:
Breakfast: eggplant lasagna
Dinner: enchilada casserole
Dessert: "nice" cream (frozen banana, frozen blueberries, a splash of soy milk and flax)

Exercise: 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes weight training

So it turns out that I'm down 4 lbs this week, and 25.6 lbs overall! I'm extremely happy with the week's results. I am now in week six of Dr. Fuhrman's Six Week Plan/Challenge! I'm so happy that I made it and am seeing the results that I am. Each week is a reaffirmation that ETL is the weight loss tool AND lifestyle for me. It is such a great feeling to know those things.

Today was chore day (and how!). After hubby left for work I worked on cooking food for the week, worked out, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, picked up the house, and folded and put away laundry. All of this in an extremely hot house with ridiculously high humidity... good times! I am so tired and I still have another load of laundry to put away... ayyy!

All of the housework is worth it though because it will be less that I will have to do during the work week (this one is going to be a busy one) and that means I have less excuses not to get my workouts in. Here's the food that I prepped:

I made Bree's Green Soup to satisfy my cooked veggies quota for the week; and I also made hummus for my beans, I made some new salad dressing from a recipe on Dr. F's website; first impressions are that it's really tasty (i immediately made a second batch). More to come after I actually have it on lettuce!

Well laundry calls; have an excellent week everyone!