Sunday, July 09, 2006

day 29: weigh day IV

Today's Food:
Breakfast: my standard smoothie (banana, strawberries, blueberries, flax, soy milk)
Lunch: enchilada casserole

Dinner: eggplant lasagna

Exercise: bike ride with the hubby

So, 3.4 lbs this week. Not bad; but not stellar either. I think I was too lenient with myself this past week with allowing myself to have bread as much as I did. So, bread is now reserved for the really really bad days when you just need a little something to help you cope... hopefully there won't be too many of those! I also want to step up my workouts a little bit more. Hubby and I are going on vacation at the end of August and I want to be in as best shape as possible by the time we go so that I can be active and have fun instead of sitting around and reading all week!

I'm increasingly glad that I did all the cooking that I did yesterday. It definitely will make the rest of the week a lot easier in terms of making food. It just goes to show that planning is key with ETL!

Have an excellent week all!