Saturday, June 17, 2006

day 7: establishing normalcy

Today's Food:
Breakfast: banana-blueberry-raspberry smoothie with a little soy milk and flax
Lunch: celery with hummus
Dinner: baby carrots, romaine with green velvet, 2 kiwis

So today we made a smoothie for me for breakfast, it was definitely a little bit of trial and error to get the amount of fruit to liquid right but when we got it it was really yummy and filling! I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning so I can have another one. I haven't got the guts to add any greens to the mix just yet but maybe will with time.

Today was another day where I wasn't so interested in food, maybe because it's been so hot? Maybe because I'm at the end of the detox phase? Maybe because food and eating have become less of an enjoyable experience and more of a duty? Whatever the reason is; I can't really say that I mind it, I'd just like to know why.