Friday, June 16, 2006

day 6: something's different

Today's Food:
Breakfast: banana-strawberry smoothie
Lunch: cooked broccoli
Dinner: romaine with green velvet dressing
Dessert: date & coconut "macaroons"

So this morning breakfast was supposed to be grapes, pineapple, and banana. I took all the food I had planned on eating today with me to work, like I always do. I took my fruit to my desk with me with the intention of eating it; but I just wasn't hungry. So I waited. I didn't get hungry so after a while I put the grapes and the pineapple back in the fridge and thought maybe I'd just eat the banana when I got hungry, but I didn't.

So finally it's 11:30 and I leave work to go to the ATM because I need money to pay back a co-worker for dinner at graduation a month ago (we thought it'd be expensed but alas no), I needed 22 dollars; but could only get out multiples of 20 so I went to the grocery store to break it (the gc is right across the parking lot from the bank). By this time I'm getting ever so slightly hungry so I picked up a Bolthouse Farms Banana Strawberry smoothie. It's made with banana puree, strawberry puree and apple juice from concentrate. The apple juice from concentrate isn't perfectly ETL but in essence it all works. It was tasty and I knew I needed to get some nutrients into me or else I'd eventually crash.

I again wasn't hungry for lunch, but I knew I should have something before our 2pm training; so I just had my broccoli with some black pepper instead of my salad and broccoli as planned. It was a chore to finish just the broccoli and again I wasn't hungry for dinner. I don't get it. This is definitely something new for me.

I did pick up some dates and coconut today at the store and whizzed them up together in the food processor with a splash of unsweetened soy milk to make a sort of faux macaroon. Wow are they good. Too good. I won't be buying more dates because I could get into a lot of trouble like this. I did tell myself that I can only have the remaining "macaroons" if I work out, and then I can only have 1 per day. It's a good plan.

All in all an interesting day. I can get used to this not being hungry thing. It can stay.