Wednesday, June 28, 2006

day 18: curry take 2

Today's Food:
Breakfast: standard nicole smoothie, except I forgot the flax!
Lunch: romaine with white beans and Green Velour
Dinner: broccoli curry, apple

Exercise: rest day

Well I tried curry again, and it worked out much better. I made the sauce seperately and just barely cooked frozen broccoli in the microwave (our microwave has a "cook frozen broccoli" setting). When everything was done I poured the sauce over the still very crisp broccoli. Topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and voila! Much better than the last try!

I wore some pants today that were snug when I first wore them when hubby and I went to Florida in April. It's nice that I'm starting to see/feel some results other than the number on the scale. AND I haven't peeked at the scale this week and am feeling much better than last week. It's definitely helping. I would have worked out today if I didn't have to stay at work late to close the office because the receptionist and administrative assistant had to leave early. Well, now I have no excuse not to exercise for the rest of the week! I may still do some crunches later tonight.