Tuesday, June 20, 2006

day 10: a week can change so much

Today's Food:
Breakfast: banana-blueberry-raspberry smoothie with soy and flax
Lunch: black bean soup, romaine with green velvet
Dinner: cooked broccoli & cauliflower, raw carrots
Dessert: chocolate/banana "ice cream" (frozen banana, cocoa powder, a splash of vanilla, soy milk, and some water)

Somebody out there in blogger land asked where I got the recipe for the Green Velvet Dressing that I have been putting on my salads. I got the recipe from Dr. Fuhrman's recipe center in the member's section of his website. I don't want to get in trouble for reproducing a recipe without the consent of the originator, so I'll just say that the ingredients include: lemon juice, water, garlic, tahini, dill, tarragon, parsley, braggs liquid aminos and some no-salt seasoning. The dressing smells kinda funky when it is fresh made but has a creamy texture and tastes pretty good. It also keeps decently in the fridge with a little shake before putting on salads.

Speaking of Dr. F's member site, I highly reccommend it to any people out there that are following ETL and are not members. The forums and Ask the Doctor board are worth the price in and of itself. However; you also get the recipe database, monthly newsletter (with access to all of the back newsletters), access to monthly teleconferences with the Doctor (and files of all the back teleconferences) and so much more. It really is worth the money if you can afford it; and it's cheaper than other online weight loss services such as WW. I'm definitely not a sales person by nature but I believe that this service is worth every penny.

Today I really felt like I'm settling into ETL eating. I still have cravings a little bit for "regular" food, but they're really easy to say no to. I also think I figured out my catalyst for excercising: the scale. Last week's results were so great it really motivates me to continue seeing the scale go down. I know every week won't be that huge a loss; but I know with excercise I will lose it all a lot faster than without it, and every time I go into the bathroom I will see the scale and be reminded about how much I want to see the scale go down and how important excercise is to making that happen.