Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Check-In

So this morning I am back down to where I was the last time I posted my weight (198), which is good :-) BUT I have the rest of today and all Saturday and Sunday before I "officially" weigh in on Monday morning. I am very committed to sticking to my challenge plan so I don't have to drive hubby's winter beater to work for a week... if it's not a Mini, I really don't want to drive it, I guess I am a snob like that!

Germaine posted a comment about craving bread-y types of things lately and I can completely understand what that's like! For some reason lately I have been wanting rice or a sandwich or something along those lines quite frequently. I know that this craving is related to my non-ETL detour and remember how that lingering desire for bread stuck around a lot longer than cravings for other things did. Other than salt, I think that giving up the refined grains was one of the toughest things for me to get over initially.

I now know that I can live (happily too!) without them. Sometimes you just get tired ot have a bad day and want to revert back to those old comfort types of food though. I have noticed though, even in just this past week, that those bad days are greatly diminished when one is working out and eating well - good reason to stick with the plan.

I'm trying to think of something tasty and nutritious to have for lunch next week, since it's a short work week it doesn't have to make too much, but I am kind of getting tired of eating a cold salad at every single meal. I've been craving garlicky greens & beans for a while now, I think that would be a good option, plus it's kind of like warm salad which means that it'd be the best of both worlds.