Wednesday, August 29, 2007

things i will never say... (and hope I haven't already)

Exercise: 60 min run/walk/run with Cammie
Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Springtime Soup with lentils
Exercise: walk with Cammie
Dinner: Spinach-Berry Smoothie, Cinnamon-Cayenne spiced Almonds
Fuhrmometer: 10 Kale

In my opinion, anyone who says "the weight just melted off" is delusional. Losing weight is hard work, and if it were as easy as weight just melting off, people wouldn't struggle so much with being overweight. i think that if there is a term that needs to be erased from the collective conscious of the world (when it comes to weight loss), it should be that term.

it is easy to look back on a year or whatever and think that things were a lot easier when looking back than they actually were. it is easy to look back and have your memory distort how long something may have taken. it is definitely easier once one has lost weight to reflect on the process and (whether correctly or not) feel like it required as much dedication and discipline as it did. But no, the weight never melts off.

For me, losing weight requires a fairly high level of compliance - eating exactly what i'm supposed to and putting some effort into exercise. I've proven it to myself time and time again. I can eat a decent breakfast and lunch, but if i have a dinner that doesn't fall in line i've broken even for the day. there's nothing wrong with breaking even - if you're goal is to maintain your weight - but we're not at that point yet.

Day to day, meal to meal it's about keeping the end result in mind. yes, I could have had a "bad" dinner, I could have raided the vending machine, BUT those things won't help me get to my goals and i actually kept that in mind today, making deciding to eat the right stuff much easier. The weight doesn't effortlessly melt away, but it's having motivated and dedicated days like today that make it a little bit less effort.