Friday, August 31, 2007

a peculiar day

Exercise: 40 min run plus warmup and cooldown
Breakfast & Lunch: what?
Dinner: potato chips, salad (romaine, onion, almonds, veggie chikn, balsamic)
Fuhrmometer: 6 - blueberry

3:30 am - The remote alarm for hubby's truck goes off because the battery is low. Hubby gets out of bed to take the battery out of the remote and notices that the flood lights are on in the back yard and he hears noise. He goes to look out the back window and it looks like someone is in his truck. "Honey I think someone might be in the truck..." He grabs a flashlight and goes to look again. "They're in the Mini - call 911." He yells out the window at the punk(s?) and they take off down the street. I call 911 and try not to freak out too much so I can speak clearly to the operator. We really want to move out of this part of town.

Luckily, they didn't damage the vehicles at all - just rifled through them looking for small valuables. In the middle of the night just after it happened we didn't think that they had gotten into hubby's truck and we also didn't think that they had taken anything from the Mini either.

We were both wide awake and waiting for the police to get here and I said something about it being to early for me to go for a run since it was going to be a while before the sun came up. I ended up doing my run on the treadmill at like 4:45 while we waited for the cops to arrive. After working out I stretched and took a shower and tried to stay awake rather than go back to sleep - but that didn't last.

10am - Wake up after a "nap" take our sweet time getting out of bed and getting dressed. I come down stairs to check email and such while hubby is upstairs shaving and I hear a "pink... pink pink... ... pink" in the kitchen. It takes me a couple of minutes to relize that it sounds like something is dripping out in the kitchen. The floor is covered with water and it's dripping from one of the recessed lights in the ceiling, right under the bathroom.

After a trip to Home Depot - when we realized that the jerks from last night had gotten into the Toyota as well as the Mini and that they had taken some stuff: a $2 scratch off and our walky-talky radios, we think they might have also taken some Rolaids out of the truck too - how strange is that?!?

Anyway, after a trip to Home Depot, the plumbing was an easy fix (thank goodness) there was a leak in the pipes for the shower but it turned out to be pretty simple to fix - once we ripped out a panel in our linen closet. ;-)

3pm to 7pm - We trade in hubby's truck for another Mini (the one pictured above). It's an '05 convertible (but you could tell that). Getting a Mini has been something he's been thinking about for a while now, but yesterday after looking at some other options we decided we would wait until spring to make a decision. Despite a crappy morning things seemed to actually work in our favor this afternoon, and getting the Mini seemed like the right thing to do. Hubby is really excited about it and so am I.

Needless to say with all the stress and adrenaline of the morning we weren't very hungry. By the time we were at the car dealer we were starting to feel the effects of not really eating anything all day. I know that the veggie chickn and chips weren't the best choice but I am happy that I went for the salad instead of pizza or fast food.

I know I'll sleep well tonight - I'm exhausted, it's been a crazy day.