Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i li-i-i-ike my bi-i-i-ike, it's not like other bikes

Breakfast: chocolate cherry smoothie (spinach, cherries, banana, flax, cocoa powder and water)
Lunch: Susan V's Quinoa Veggie Paella

This week I have been all about the bike ride. For the past two nights I've gone on a bike ride with Cammie after work and it has been very relaxing. I'm sure that Cammie likes to go now because she recognizes "bike ride" and gets really excited about it, and reaches up for me to pick her up to put her in the basket. Hubby also picked up a neat wireless bike computer/speedometer which is a lot of fun - I can see how fast I'm going and my mileage as well as what time it is, the temperature and even how many calories and fat I've burned. Good stuff!