Sunday, July 08, 2007

weekend in review

Mini's at the Drive-In last night! We met up with some other Mini owners for dinner and then all drove over to the drive-in. It was a lot of fun! (My mini is the light gray one second from the front).

This weekend was a weird one for food. Friday night dinner ended up being some macaroni salad and chips and ice cream... that has got to be the worst meal I've had in a long time! Saturday food was a little better but still nothing great and I didn't get in any exercise. It's nice to go out and do things but sometimes it's absolutely impossible to eat a healthy meal!

So this morning I was dreading my run thinking I was going to suffer the entire time. It was disgustingly hot and humid outside so I took Cammie for a quick walk around the neighborhood and then came back to run on the treadmill in the cooler and slightly less humid basement. The walk outside was kind of torturous; but my run ended up going much better than I thought it would.

Today's run was 45 minutes of 3 minutes running / 2 minutes walking (lather, rinse, repeat). I felt really good for the first 15 - 20 minutes; and then minutes 20 -30 were kind of tough and I wanted to stop at 30. But I perservered and kept going and the last 15 minutes were pretty good. It was nice to see all those big numbers on the TM that I don't see when I'm running outside, and today's run showed me that I can complete the 5k in a time that will be toward the back of the pack but will still be respectable (by me).