Thursday, July 05, 2007

Exercise: Training Run, Stretching
Breakfast: Smoothie, Muffin
Lunch: some salad, popcorn
Dinner: stir fry and rice
Fuhrmometer: 7.5 Lentil/Eggplant

Well Dr. Fuhrman responded to my question. He said that for now I should cross train and run on grass and as I lose weight I can add more running into my routine. I think that I am cross training now, I am running, walking, biking, stretching and strength training, and also doing some step aerobics with Yourself!Fitness. That's cross training right?

It is added incentive to work harder to lose weight because I am really enjoying running. This morning I actually got up at 6am to run before work, and was glad that I did. I think his response is great because it's going to push me to bike more and make sure that I get in a variety of types of exercies and don't neglect anything in favor of running. If only I could find an inexpensive place to swim!