Tuesday, July 24, 2007

slinking back into blogtown

Hi. It's me. Is anyone still out there?

I didn't intend to be gone for nearly two weeks. I guess my best excuse is that I just feel burned out by everything. I haven't felt patient or driven enough for anything the past couple of weeks. I have been running; but have been kind of inconsistent with the rest of my workouts. I've been eating anywhere between really good and not good at all (but have been trying to be really good). And I just haven't felt like I've had too much to say.

Often I wish that I had a limitless supply of motivation and drive because it's really not fun to feel like you don't want to do anything but you know you've got to and then that thing becomes a big ordeal and is no fun at all which then makes doing that thing again even less fun plunging you deeper into not wanting to do anythingness...

Run-on sentences aside, I really do wish that I could feel that burning drive and motivation that I had last summer. What happened to it? I'd really like to get it back. But then I think about this post on Half of Me (a superb weight loss blog) and Jennette is right, it's not about motivation, it's about consistency. Sometimes you have to eat salad even though the thought of more lettuce is the last thing you want. Sometimes you have to drink that smoothie for breakfast even though you've had one pretty much every morning for the last year and it's getting a little old. Sometimes you have to make yourself workout even though you'd rather sit in the backyard and read or watch a movie.

As much as you (and I really mean me) can get sick of whatever trait of a healthy (or responsible or adult) lifestyle, sometimes it just needs to be done because when you consider the alternative, namely gaining weight back or staying at the same (above goal) weight - eating that salad doesn't really seem too bad.