Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: Thai Soup from fatfreevegan

Hi, I'm back.

Well, actually I was back on Sunday evening but I just haven't felt like writing too much; and I didn't take any pictures when we were in Maine so I don't really have any good new pictures to post eiter. PLUS we've had network issues at work the past few days (where i do most of my blogging) and I don't like spending my evenings with my laptop instead of my doggie or hubby so it's been tough to find time these past few days.

While we were gone I didn't stay on plan too much. I had some decent food but mostly bad junk-vegetarian type food. I've been getting myself back into the groove this week as much as I can; it's been tough because I didn't have any time to make smoothie kits to last me all week or salad dressing or the raw brownies. Plus my work schedule this week was a little strange so that's also made things challenging. Tonight I have time to do the prep that I need to do so I should be back in my groove soon.

I think that one of the best things about going away was coming back and getting to catch up on everyone's blogs and the forums that I missed out on; it's been very inspirational and a good kick to get back on track. You guys are awesome.