Friday, June 15, 2007

small car for a smaller me

I'm getting a new car!

A 2007 Mini Cooper S to be exact.

I've wanted a Mini for a while, but before starting to lose weight I never would have even taken one for a test drive - I thought that I would be such a joke - a BIG person in a small car.

But now that I feel like I am approaching a normal size and feel much better about myself in general, I had no problems with looking at the car and not feeling self conscious about it at all.

It does have a 6 speed manual transmission - which is really really fun, but I am not so good at driving standard (YET!). So I'll have a lot of fun learning.

We're picking it up on Thursday after work (!!!) and I'll post more pictures of my actual car when I get it. This is just another way that life has become so much more enjoyable and fun since I started to take care of myself and my body.