Friday, May 25, 2007

can i have a do-over?

Exercise: 30 min walk with Cammie, 30 min upper body workout (Y!F)
Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: mock chicken salad wrap from HFS
Dinner: eggplant parmesan sub, ice cream sandwich
Fuhrmometer: 3 - Cashew

Thank you Mary for keeping me accountable and making me post - I was attempting to slide under the radar but you are too good!

I don't know what happened yesterday, I have no good reasons or excuses for eating the way I did and I do feel bad about it and wish I could take it back. I can say that I noticed two things - 1. the food isn't worth it and I get much more enjoyment and "feel good" out of eating healthily and 2. I don't really like cheese anymore - I peeled most of it off of my sub - so that is some progress.

Today I am back on track and I will post again tonight to prove it.