Thursday, December 07, 2006

this post is about food

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Blended Salad
Dinner: Spicy Red Lentil Soup, Cereal with Soy Milk

Exercise: rest day

Fuhrmometer Reading: Broccoli

Well I had a 5 Kale Day streak that I broke yesterday by having a wrap for lunch. I had been thinking about it for a few days and was having a rough day at work and just finally let myself have it. It was an emotional craving and I actually did start to feel better after I had it. The rest of the day was good; I didn't just chuck the rest of the day, which is something I've had a tendency to do in the past.

I read today on the Biggest Loser website that they think it's ok to have a cheat meal once a week so that one doesn't feel deprived and keeps up their motivation. The same article said that cheat meals help your body not to fall into a rut by eating around the same amount of calories all the time - it helps to keep you losing. I don't know if the claim about throwing a caloric curve ball at your body is based on any kind of scientific fact; but I really like the idea of allowing myself one cheat meal per week. Not a cheat DAY, not 4 trips to the buffet, just one cheat meal to keep me honest and keep my motivation going. I think it will help out my mental game. If it starts to effect me in other ways or on the scale we'll have to revisit this idea.

I'm feeling really creative in the kitchen lately and am itching to have some time to get in there and cook. Next week we are having our office Holiday party and I am bringing all ETL stuff. Here's what I plan on making: hummus, green velour dressing, and ETL Caesar Dressing to go with various veggies and whole wheat pita; so I stay away from the bad desserts I am going to make Date-Nut Truffles. More on the truffles when I make them. I also have some ideas for making an ETL mushroom stroganoff, which I'd really really like to make soon; because if it comes out the way I am imagining it, it's gonna be delicious.

Well I'm off to curl up with hubby and puppy and watch some TV. More later!