Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm BACK, baby!

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Blended Salad
Dinner: cashews, Green Machine Soup, Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Exercise: TWO 30 min walks with Cammie, 30 min Yourself!Fitness, carried all the kitchen cabinet doors up to the attic.

Fuhrmometer Reading: Kale

Thank you to everyone who left encouraging comments in the last few days. I never gave up but it did take me until today to get back to Kale. Monday and Tuesday were decent days but I didn't have excellent dinners. Today felt really good; and the Pumpkin Pie smoothie was so delicious, a great reward for a good day.

Libby came up with a great challenge to help get through the holiday season. There are a bunch of people on the Dr. Fuhrman member center already signed up. Here's how it goes:

"Each person goes about their day and records what they eat on their blog (or at the forum). When you don't have a perfect day, you have to pay the piper.

Your "days" can be measured according to Nicole's "Fuhrmometer". A Kale day is a perfect ETL day. A cookie day is a day filled totally with junk.

Kale days cost nothing
Broccoli days cost $1
Eggplant days - $2
Lentil days - $3
Blueberry days - $4
Potato days - $5
Brown rice - $6
Cashew - $7
Cheese - $8
Cookie - $9
On any given day, for each 30 minutes of exercise, you can earn back $1. (In other words, if you had a lentil day but exercised for a half hour, it would only cost you $2)"

So since today was the first day of the challenge and I had a Kale day; my tab is $0. This is a fun way to stay accountable during the Holidays. Please join in - the more the merrier!