Monday, November 20, 2006

Catching Up

-3.8 pounds from 2 weeks ago (my last official weigh-in and -71 pounds overall. Pretty good! The challenge this week will be to stay on track with 2 Thanksgiving dinners... I can do it though. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will all be Kale days with Thanksgiving's on Thursday and Saturday. It's a plan ;-)

-71 pounds finally seems like a lot of weight to me. I know it's silly to think that but it does. The other super awesome thing is that I'm in the 220's now, which is still a lot but also still lower than I have been since sometime in High School. I'm really waiting for -75 because that's a mini-milestone and -80 which will be a milestone because I'll be 50% of the way there. It will be nice to see -80 by the end of the year but it will be interesting to see how the holidays go. I know that if I can make most of the days Kale Days then I'll probably be fine.

Sorry I haven't been so consistent in the last few days. I think that at this time of year it's tough to find time for everything and things like blogs get pushed aside all too easily. The other thing is that I feel very confident in myself with my weight loss efforts right now. I've got eating under control - I know that Kale days are really rather simple (not necessairily easy) to attain and when I'm feeling good then I am working out right and I see good results. So while I may not be posting every day (I'll try to though) I am always working toward my goals.

Other big news, yesterday hubby and I went to the outlet mall (that's not the big news but here it comes) and for the first time ever I purchased clothing at the Gap. I got 4 pairs of pants at very good prices at the Gap Outlet and it was sooo cool. The pants are in the "I can get them on but they're still too tight to be able to wear to work" phase right now but I DO fit in them and I know they will only fit better with time. It was definitely a different (and good) feeling to go to the mall and have so many more stores that I can shop in, and as time goes on the amount of stores will increase... it really makes me feel like a "normal person" instead of a spectacle.

I'll post my updated version of the new and improved Green Machine Soup tonight!