Thursday, October 26, 2006

you be the judge

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: romaine with creamy ETL dressing
Dinner: Dr. F's anti-cancer soup (with broccoli raab?)

Exercise: short walk with Cammie this AM, 30 min w/Maya, 30 min bike

Fuhrmometer Reading: ?

My definition of a Kale Day:
A day in which I eat 3 meals that are all 100% ETL (in quantities that fit into the 6-week challenge) with no cheating. I also work out at least 45 minutes if it is a planned workout day; if it is a planned rest day it's ok not to work out.

So today there were donut holes and bagels in the kitchen. I usually don't have physical cravings for something but if there is a food available - like sweet baked goods - it is tough for me not to be haunted by them. I'm not feeling so great today and am a little edgy feeling. At one point I did go into the kitchen and put a plain donut hole into my mouth. And then I regretted it. And I spit it out. Then I went shopping and got a new pair of shoes.

So, while I gave in to the donut holes and went to eat one, does that mean I cheated? OR because I spit it out instead of ingesting it does that mean I saved myself? Do I give myself Kale today? I don't know - what do you think? I know that the rest of the day (I'm munching on my salad as I write this) will go as planned, exercise when I get home (cause I just couldn't get out of bed @ 6:45 but now I regret it) and eat Dr. F's anti-cancer soup for dinner.

So, Kale or not?