Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today's Food:

Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: Romaine with Green Velour
Dinner: Blended Green Soup

Exercise: 40 min bike, 32 min treadmill

So I have been trying to get in as many of those super healthy cruciferous veggies into my diet. I've started (finally) putting spinach in my smoothies. Right now I'm only at 2 ounces of frozen spinach per smoothie, which is about 10% by volume of the "stuff" that I put in my smoothies - not counting the water. I plan on working up to 5 ounces per smoothie, which will be 25%.

The Blended Green Soup is EXCELLENT! I highly reccommend it. One thing though, you really do need a very very big pot to cook it in, all of those whole raw leafies take up a lot of space until they're wilted. I've been sprinkling some Braggs Liquid Aminos on the top of it to give it a little bit of saltiness; I really like the flavor that it adds.