Sunday, September 03, 2006

one year older

Hi everybody! How was your week? Mine was good; I'm certainly happy to be home. Despite all of my planning and preparation, I didn't really stick to ETL while on vacation. I did have some smoothies and salads and ate the dinners I took with me a few nights, but I also allowed myself to have some non-ETL foods as well. I realized that my willpower isn't very strong; I definitely do much better when the food isn't there to tempt me in the first place. Oh well, it was a nice little break. I did get a few workouts in during the week and also managed actually lose .6 pounds this past week, which brings me to a total of -41 pounds!
I am thrilled with this because I was very worried that I would end up gaining this past week and really didn't want to have to deal with losing the same pounds over again. I know that at some point I'll probably have to deal with gaining and re-losing some pounds, but I'd like to deal with that when I'm closer to my goal weight.
I missed my goal of being at -50 pounds by my birthday but it's ok. I am feeling good and wearing clothes that I hadn't been able to wear before. I'm still going to work on hitting my goal to fit into my Tommy Hilfiger pants (never worn, still have tags on them) and baby blue silk shirt for our 1st anniversary in about 6 weeks.
So starting tomorrow morning it's back to normal; eating ETL as close to 100% as I can and exercising at least 6 days a week. I'm actually excited to be getting back to what's become my normal routine. I'm also happy that I gave myself a little bit of a break; it's renewed my motivation and also has shown me how easy eating on plan and exercising has become. Without even realizing it eating for nutritional excellence and being more active have become my lifestyle; how great!