Monday, September 25, 2006

The Fuhrmometer

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: romaine with Pomegranate Balsamic
Dinner: blended green soup (two bowls!)

Exercise: 45 min bike

Fuhrmometer Reading: broccoli

What is a Fuhrmometer (say it like thermometer)? It's something that I "invented" on the way home from work today when I was thinking about a way to gauge how close I stick to ETL. The ratings are taken from Dr. F's list/ratings of nutrient density (page 120 - 121 in ETL):

These numbers are my rankings and not the actual Nutrient Densities of the listed foods, they are in the proper order of nutrient density.
10 - Raw Leafy Vegetables = Kale (Perfect Day)
9 - Solid Green Vegetables = Broccoli
8 - Non-green Non- leafy veggies = Eggplant
7 - Beans and Legumes = Lentil
6 - Fresh Fruit = Blueberry
5 - Starchy Vegetables = Potato
4 - Whole Grains = Brown Rice
3 - Raw Nuts & Seeds = Cashew
2 - Meats & Dairy = Cheese
1 - Refined Foods & Sweets = Cookie (Totally Off Plan Junk Food Day)

Ok so today I gave myself "broccoli" a 9/10. I did very good today, everything I ate was on plan. I'm not sure about the second bowl of soup at dinner. I guess technically there was nothing wrong with going back for more, but it's not something that I'd like to see turn into a habit.

There was birthday cake at work today. I'm extremely happy to report that I didn't have ANY! Not one bite! And the thought did cross my mind to have "just a bite" but then I did think to myself how much I want to be perfect and that this wasn't a planned departure. After that; it wasn't tough to say no to the cake. AND - as a reward for it - our librarian (who I don't see very much) noticed that I've been losing weight... she asked me if I'd lost some weight and I just said "yes" and my admin assistant chimed in and said "a lot" or something like that... it felt good.

A big "You can do it!" goes out to my friend over at I Am Curious Vegan who is re-starting ETL today! (Tried to leave you a comment but blogger wouldn't let me!)