Sunday, August 20, 2006

day 71: week 10 results

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch/Dinner: tofu with steamed broccoli & cauliflower

Exercise: 65 min on treadmill, 15-20 min legs, 5 min on bike

Conversation between hubby & me this morning:

Nicole (10:28:08 AM): i'm bummed with myself
Hubby (10:31:22 AM): ??
Nicole (10:32:35 AM): i go one week where i lose a pound or nothing at all and then the next week I lose 4 lbs
Nicole (10:33:09 AM): I feel like these weeks are wasted time when I lose hardly anything
Hubby (10:33:13 AM): you didn't work out as much this week
Hubby (10:33:13 AM): you weren't working out an hour then 15 min weights
Nicole (10:33:56 AM): i don't think it's the working out so much
Nicole (10:34:17 AM): I think I've gotten a little lazy with the diet
Hubby (10:34:25 AM): ya
Hubby (10:34:29 AM): all that tofu
Nicole (10:34:32 AM): and I've been having too much salt
Hubby (10:34:32 AM): and junk
Hubby (10:34:35 AM): uh huh'
Hubby (10:40:30 AM): just do your best hun
Hubby (10:40:44 AM): you cant ride up hill every week
Nicole (10:41:20 AM): I know... I'm just impatient
Hubby (10:41:27 AM): sometimes you gotta coast a bit
Nicole (10:41:54 AM): we'll I've coasted this past week
Hubby (10:42:36 AM): uh huh
Hubby (10:42:40 AM): uphill now =)
Nicole (10:42:48 AM): yep
Nicole (10:42:53 AM): this week and next
Nicole (10:43:14 AM): and then just one day of coasting for my bday
Nicole (10:43:23 AM): and back to work

I have gotten lazy with the diet. The past few weeks with the losing 1 pound and then 4 pounds and then 1 pound prove it. I'm sick of the roller coaster. I don't like the guilty feeling that comes from cheating; but I LOVE the feeling of putting on clothes that fit better than they have in a long time. I like feeling good when I work out and not struggling through things. I love the "target me" in the image above.

So why am I letting myself have things I shouldn't? Why am I not keeping the promises I made to myself a few weeks ago about cutting out the salt? Why am I not doing the best I can? I don't know the answers to these things right now. All I know is that I am going to try much harder than I have been and I AM going to stop doing these things that I know I shouldn't. It's far far past the time for me to start keeping promises to myself.